Saturday, April 27, 2013

And His Name Is...

Ok, so you all know I got this cute, fluffy, white puppy. That was the easy part right? Just picking up the cutest thing ever and taking it hard could that really be? Piece of cake..the hard part? Picking a name! What on earth was I going to name this wonderful bundle of joy? I didn't want standard name like "Bandit" or "Jake"..not that anything is wrong with that mind you, I just wanted something more original. So after a long debate with friends and loved ones at the house one night, I just couldn't think of something..Then, as the TV was turned to USA, there was an advertisement..and that advertisement was for WWE...yes folks, you read that right the damn WWE..and who was on the commercial?? Hulk Hogan...At first someone suggested I name him Hulk..after all, he was big like the Hulkster and had white it did seem like it would fit, the only problem was, I didn't like that..the next suggestion was Hogan..and Hogan it just fit him. He looked like a Hogan. Since then his nicknames have become Ho Ho, Hulkamania, Hulkster, Hos and Hoagie. I just love my little monster.

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