Friday, April 26, 2013

How It All Started

So, call me crazy..I love big dogs. Now a big dog to some people might be 50 pounds, maybe 80 pounds. Not me. I like them 100+ pounds. It's ok..go ahead and call me crazy. Two days before Thanksgiving 2010, I decided Chance, my 13 year old Flat Coat Retriever needed a buddy. He had been without one for a couple of years so it was time for a new face.  I really, really, really wanted a Newfoundland..did I say how much I really wanted one? The only issue was I couldn't find a breeder that didn't want gobs of money for one. I certainly couldn't justify spending $1,500+ on a dog! Did I let that deter me? Nope, I just changed course. So I googled "Giant Breed Dogs"...low and behold the majestic Great Pyrenees popped up. I was hooked..I kept looking and looking at all the pictures and websites. I had to have one.  HAD TO.  So I found a breeder who had eight week old pups and only one was left. A boy..I told her to not let him go anywhere, I was coming the next night to see him. The excitement the next day was more than I could stand. I drove an hour and a half to go see him and was a giddy girl the whole time and I am sure I had a ridiculous grin on my face the entire time looking like a fool but who cares? I was about to go see a big ball of white fluffy cuteness that no one could resist..So I pull up this long dark driveway to be greeted by Ken and Polar Bear. Polar Bear was the dad of the puppies, and he was a beast..a big, beautiful beast. Ken led me to the barn where I laid eyes on the most precious puppies ever. There were two left with Grace the mom, one was waiting be picked up by his new parents..the other, was the one waiting to find a home of his own. And that home, was going to be mine. I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on him I was his new Momma...And so, the "little" guy became mine. I didn't have a name yet, but that didn't matter, that would come in a day or so. I had to take him by Nanna and Bobby's house so they could have a peek. No, it couldn't wait until tomorrow. It had to be done that night..So here we are:
Once that introduction was done I knew I had to face Chance. I knew the look I was going to would go something like this "REALLY Mom, another one"'s the same look I got when I brought home Chelsea Mae, my golden retriever from years ago..but I knew my boy would warm up to the new guy soon..and he did, as you can see in this picture:

So that is where it all began folks and the journey has been never ending ever since!

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