Friday, May 31, 2013

Adoptable Fridays: Django

Y'all...this guy was just a heartbreaking case, but the light is finally starting to show. Meet Django (pronounced  Jango), and he is now unchained and FREE thanks to Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta. Despite living in deplorable conditions his whole life all while being on a chain, this boy couldn't be more of a lovebug and has an infectious smile to boot. All he wants is love, affection and attention. He is two years old and only weighing in at 86 pounds when he should be well over 100 pounds.

When we first got him, he had maggots under his collar where raw and infected skin was. He was matted, dirty and had open sores all over from all the itching and scratching he had to do to try to get relief from the fleas and insects that were irritating his skin. Although he looks a little silly now, he will be a very stunning handsome Southern Gent once his hair comes back in. He of course is heartworm positive which GPRA is taking care of, and thanks to some pawsomely gracious donors, his heartworm treatment is already paid for! He has since been shaved and bathed and will continue to get medicated baths to treat the sores he has.

Django is very intelligent as he has already learned how to use a doggy door and knows that outside is where he needs to do his business! He gets along with other dogs very well and just wants to play now that he is free to do so! Django needs someone who has the patience to teach him that not all food is for him. Since he was never given a lot of food he thinks its all for him, and that includes people food! He's not aggressive about it, he just loves it when he is able to get it! He is however, very excited he will never go hungry again!

Below are some before and after pictures and if you are interested in adopting or fostering Django, please email GPRA at!

All Clear!!

After about a day of panicking, it seems that we are in the clear. If you read my post on Wednesday, you know that Hogan had me quite worried…After two days of watching him and digging through his poop with sticks while in a pencil skirt and stilettos or flip flops and a leopard robe to make sure there wasn’t any blood in it, which would indicate something was wrong with his digestive system somewhere.. He sure is lucky he has a Momma willing to do that for him!  I have since made a new rule. NO bones in the trash on the porch, they are to be taken directly outside to the big trash can that the dogs can’t get to. Smart huh? I should have done that all along..

Needless to say I am a happy Momma that he is OK, and that now we can focus on having a fun weekend and some cool upcoming things that I can’t wait to share with you, but of course, you will have to stay tuned!

Here’s my silly boy relaxing last night after digging and digging and obviously he feels fine!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh No, Ho Ho!

Ugh..well I was a bad Momma and left the trash uncovered again...

I have posted before about how the boys love to get in the trash..Normally this is harmless when it happens..but this time it was more serious because there were cooked rib bones in the garbage left over from Sunday's cookout! I went to work and then came home at lunch to check on the boys..all was well. I then went to my Dad's birthday party last night and got home around 9. As I was changing my clothes Hogan decided to make himself comfy on my bed which is a normal nightly routine..I turned around and looked at him and he had this look about him that just wasn't right..As soon as I said "Are you OK buddy", he vomited all over my comforter and chunks of chewed up ribs were everywhere. This happened three more times and  I immediately started to worry and go into true "Momma" mode..

Pink Gums?  Check
Normal Stool? Check
Acting Normal? Check
Eating and Drinking? Check

If you don't already know, the consumption of cooked rib bones can harm your pet by splintering and causing tears in the digestive system or causing blockages, both which require extensive and expensive surgery, and if not caught and treated properly, can cause death. I didn't want baby boy to have to go through surgery, pain, etc. I was just so concerned. After speaking with two well versed doggie friends late last night they both assured me that it seems he is OK but to just keep a watch out, which I have done. Hogan slept on the bed with me almost all night last night and is not showing any signs of trouble but the next couple of days will really tell.  I am sure my neighbors like the sight of me out in the yard with a stick going through Hogans poop...I am sure they think I am crazy..and I am..crazy about my babies!

Not the best picture..I think he was annoyed I was trying to check his gums every 10 minutes!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Long Lazy Weekend

I am back from a long Memorial Day weekend which was much needed. Of course the boys couldn't be happier because any day that Momma is home is a good day to them. If they had their choice, I would work from home and stay with them all day.  But that's not an least not right now!

Friday night we took a quick trip to the dog park but sadly, no one was there! I guess because of the holiday weekend or we only stayed for about 20 minutes and then headed home...

It was gorgeous, yet cool morning on Saturday so I took the boys to the dog park yet again and boy did they have an absolute blast. They played for well over an hour. Hogan met a 7 month old Shar Pei who he just adored. They played for what seemed like forever just chasing each other, spinning around and wrestling. Hurley just ran around being a social butterfly and became the official gate greeter of all the dogs coming into the park. Once home, the boys passed out and slept the rest of the day.

Sunday was great..I just lounged with the boys until about 12 and then did some quick tidying up which of course included vacuuming...they HATE the vacuum! They will run all over the house trying to get away from this big, green, evil machine! It's hilarious to see such big boys afraid it.  After that I decided to take Hogan to Lowes with me to look for my Dad's birthday you may be thinking, why not the both of them?  Well simply put, Hurley gets scared in loud, noisy and bustling environments so I knew this was not the place to take him..people running around, carts, forklifts, bueno for Senior Hurley. Of course Hogan was an attraction and what should have been a thirty minute trip, lasted well over an hour but he loved every moment of it because he was getting so much attention.  Since he was a good boy, I took him to PetSmart to get some treats.  After that he was pooped..and I could tell he was ready to go when he laid down on the cool floor in the store while I was looking at stuff.

Monday I went boat shopping as the boat I currently have really doesn't work well with two giant dogs. I have my eye on either a Pontoon Boat or a Deck Boat, but I think the Pontoon would serve a much better because I can fit more people on it and the dogs too! Sadly, I didn't have much luck but will keep searching!
When I got home I cuddled up with the boys and watched Alex Cross and prepared for the next day. Now that it's Tuesday and I am back to work, I am quite interested to see what awaits me when I get home as they were NOT happy boys when I left this morning..

Friday, May 24, 2013

Adoptable Fridays: Dale

Meet good ole' boy Dale..he is a total sweetheart who wandered his way up to a sweet lady's house after he'd been wandering for quite some time.  She did her best to clean him up because he was full of fleas, ticks and matts. She knew she could not care for him and give him the quality of life he deserves, so she contacted  Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta who gladly took him in.  Dale gets along beautifully with humans both tall and small as well as other dogs. He can be a tad bit pushy when it comes to food but he's working on those manners.  Dale really dislikes storms and we can't blame him. I would be scared of them too if I had to sit outside during one, so he must be an inside dog where he can get a ton of love and lots of comfort when storms come.  If you are interested in adopting Dale, please email GPRA at!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Neighborhood Watch

Great Pyrenees are known for their wonderful protective instincts, and boy do my boys have that instinct down pat.  I pity the fool that ever even thinks about breaking into my house! And while you know I LOVE my boys, the barking sure does get annoying from time to time. They have this wonderfully deep "don't mess with us" kind of bark which should/could scare the meanest of mean away..but still, they bark when an acorn falls! And God forbid if a cat comes on premises..hold on to your hats! But I know if I ever needed them to protect me, they would.  One thing I just love is pulling up to the house and seeing them “on the lookout”..

They also love to watch the neighborhood kids outside playing, which I think is beyond sweet and adorable. They will watch for hours if the kids are out there. Below are some of my favorite "Neighborhood Watch" photos..

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shoe Done It?

I rarely get mad or upset at the boys..but this one, this one hurt..I am quite disappointed and they know it.  Yesterday, I came home to this:

There it brand new Jessica Simpson Ginny Wedge that I just purchased a couple weeks ago..I have only worn them about 4 times and I loved them. They were comfortable and I could wear them all day. They were perfect with skinny jeans, my wide legged linen pants, dressy shorts or even flared legged jeans. I knew I had closed the bedroom door before I left for I went to check and sure enough it was closed. I opened the door and the partner to the deceased wedge was just sitting there all alone.  This could only mean one thing..SOMEONE had taken the shoe out of Momma's room before she left for work and hid it..

The guilty party?  This boy right here...

Wanna know how I know?  Because when I showed both boys the shoes Hogan looked me in the eye and just sat there..Hurley..well he ran, jumped on the couch and hung his head in shame! WHY Hurley? WHY would you do this to Momma's new shoe?  Was it the soft leather straps that lured you in? Or the cheetah print lining?  It would have been easier for you to take and eat both! Now I have one perfect one just staring at me in all its useless glory..

For those of you who don't know me personally, I take any assault on my shoes hard. I love shoes..and I mean LOVE shoes. I bet I could say I have easily owned well over 1,000 pairs of shoes in my life and I currently have at least 100 at the house now with more in storage...

Hurley pouted for at least an hour..while I am still pouting..RIP Ginny..RIP

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nurse Boys

When I am sick or not feeling well, my boys know it...I don't know how, but they do. I suffer from migraines and yesterday was my day to have one evidently.  I emailed my boss at about 5:15AM to tell her I needed to try to let my meds kick in and get some sleep and that I would be in later. All morning my boys were cuddled up in bed with me and didn't move a muscle until I got up. Hurley must at all times be touching me some how..if I move and we aren't touching, he will immediately move to where he is touching me..normally he puts his back up against mine. Hogan is almost always at the foot of the bed watching over me.

I eventually went into work but only lasted a couple of hours before I had to come back home. As soon as I got home I went straight back to bed with the boys in tow. Again, there they were cuddled up close. If only they could fetch me a cold washcloth when I needed one! Seeing as they don't have thumbs I don't see that ever happening! I am very lucky to have these boys and am always amazed at their love for me and how in tune to me they are...

I couldn't get a picture of the both of them in the bed with me, so here is nurse Hurley with his head resting on me..

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey Mom! Look At Me!

I like to an extent..I cannot keep plants in the house because the two munchkins like to tear any plant I have out of its pot, shake the dirt vigorously all around the house all while shredding any green vegetation in sight to outside planting is best. I have a decent sized raised garden bed for my fruit and veggie garden and then I have my herbs in a large barrel planter. In the big bed I have all sorts of good stuff planted..strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, eggplant, asparagus, spinach, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers (yellow, purple and red), yellow squash, zucchini, red and white onions and spaghetti squash.  Of course the garden is fenced so the boys don't go digging around in there and ruining all the plants...I can only imagine the damage they could do with that!

So this weekend while it was nice outside, I had all my herbs on the patio table sitting in the sun and soaking up the rays before I planted them in the barrel planter. I wanted to take a picture of them to do a before and after as I do every year.  Just as I am taking snapping the picture, Hurley jumps up and gets in the way..It was honestly the best Photobomb ever..but of course, I am biased!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Adoptable Fridays: Pearl

I have decided that I am going to dedicate each Friday to an adoptable dog that is available through Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta..These dogs need so much from us as humans as their previous human(s) failed them. Sometimes, they have been failed several times over. This is one of my ways of trying to right humanities wrongs against these wonderful Gentle Giants…

Meet pretty girl Pearl.. she  really needs to get placed into either a foster home or forever home quickly. She recently tore her ACL and needs very expensive surgery to fix it but since she is in boarding, GPRA cannot do the surgery because she needs a home to go to in order to recuperate. .

She is a wonderful 1 year old Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix, which some say "the best of both worlds". She’s great with people tall and small and even cats!! She does prefer to be an only dog though because Pearl tends to be an Alpha female, which she really doesn’t mean to be, she just is. She’s young so she still  chews sometimes but nothing that a few bones and rawhides can’t fix! Pearl is housebroken and a real love. Everyone where she’s being boarded just adores her and they can’t figure out why she’s still in boarding and not in a loving home yet.  She enjoys the water and even likes playing in the rain! Miss Pearl likes to be in charge so she needs a strong leader so she can learn to give up her job as leader in exchange for a really great place to live! GPRA is even going to pay for Pearl to have good training so she grow up to be a wonderful, well-behaved sweetheart of a dog who will capture anyone’s heart.  I urge you to consider Pearl as she really will make a wonderful addition to your home.

If you would like to donate toward Pearl’s surgery, you can do so here:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dog Park Love

My boys love to swim, love to ride in the car, love cuddling..but one thing they REALLY love is going to the dog park. Now that the weather is nice and warm, we have been going a lot. So much so, that when I come home they wait by the front door because they now expect to go!

We go to the dog park at Saluda Shoals near my house. It's a fabulous off-leash dog park that has both wooded/shaded areas as well as wide open spaces for the dogs to romp and play. They have a dog bone shaped wading pool for the dogs to cool off in and plenty of water throughout. There's also a lot of areas for the owners to sit and talk while the pups play. One thing that my boys love so much is the big sand pit just on the edge of the shaded know from a recent post  that this is one thing the boys just can't stay away from. One thing I like about this park is that you have to be a member to participate in the dog park and when you join you have to show proof of vaccinations and spaying/neutering. That way, you're guaranteed that all the dogs in the park are safe and aren't putting your dog at risk.

As always, here are some photos for your enjoyment!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Don't Go Momma..

There are some mornings that the boys alone make it hard to get up and get out of bed..Everything is all cozy..soft sheets, goose down pillows and comforter...and most importantly the warmth of two Great Pyrenees sharing the bed with you...I cherish that moment every morning. It's still and TV or radio, no humming of the washer and dryer and most importantly, the phone is not buzzing left and least not yet.

This morning when I told the boys it was time to get up, I got the sweetest, most precious face from Hurley. It simply said "Don't go to work today Momma, stay home with me".

Lord how I wish I could. As my boss Sandra says "Sometimes you have to just call in scared"...Well today I would have loved to have called in scared.."Sandra, I'm afraid that today is just too pretty of a day to come in, see you tomorrow"..Afraid and scared are the same thing right??

No I didn't cave to my little man, but Oh how I wish I had...maybe next time son...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh They Know...

Some people say dogs don’t have emotions…Oh they do..

Some people say dogs don’t know when something is wrong with you…Oh they know..

Yesterday was a heartbreaking day for me…and I am glad I did not share about this earlier because of what happened…As you all know, I work for a WONDERFUL Great Pyrenees Rescue called Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta.  Last Tuesday an email went out from the President about a 10 week old puppy in Alabama named Angelica that needed a foster mom. As soon as I saw her picture not only did I know I wanted her, but not just as a foster..I wanted her to become part of my family. Her eyes so full of joy and a face more precious than anyone could imagine. She belonged with us. She would be one spoiled “little” princess. I even named her almost immediately..her name, after my grandmother’s middle name…Hillie..I thought about her every day and checked on her repeatedly as I awaited her arrival.  The boys looked at me funny when I said “Are you ready for a sister”..Like I was crazy or something…Well, I am, but a good crazy at least…I picked out a collar and a bed and some cute new pink toys..just for her.

The beginning of her life didn’t start out so well as she had an injury to her jaw and her jaw was broken. It was so bad, she couldn’t open her jaw more than 1.5 inches wide.  That didn’t stop her from loving life and being an absolute sweetheart. Once GPRA  got her, she was taken to our regular vet and then a consult was scheduled with Georgia Veterinary Specialists this past Monday where I waited for the results..There were a few updates throughout the day and at 5:30 I spoke to John and the news was not good. 3 surgeons looked at her CT scans and all three concurred that the two options available had a very slim chance of working on top of being extremely painful and would leave her with a lack of quality of life.  The best thing to do for this 10 week old bundle of pure, sweet joy…was to put her to sleep. 

I tried to be strong and not cry while I was on the phone with John but I just couldn’t help it. That was my little girl..I was already 100% invested in her. I cried off and on all night and each time Hogan would come up to me from whatever he was doing or wherever he was and he would just lean into me..all his body weight, and would just sit there until I was ok.  He had the sweetest, yet saddest look on his said “I know Momma, I know…it wil be ok”..

She was special and she was ours…and now, she is God’s little angel in Heaven at the rainbow bridge with Chance and looking down on us.  

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Million Little Questions...

It was a busy and bustling weekend for me as usual. I almost always take the boys with me somewhere at some point over the weekend. And in this case, we went several places..we can’t ever go anywhere without it taking longer than expected due to so many people wanting to stop and pet and ask questions.  So this weekend it was gorgeous..couldn’t ask for better weather so out came the boys with Momma for a bit. It’s always funny to see people’s jaws drop, see them point and kids go bananas. The boys love attention, especially from the kids.   One thing never ceases to amaze me though..the amount of questions and comments I get.   I generally get the same ones over and over and over again. I really want to have a T-Shirt made with all the answers to my questions and wear it out when they are with me.  If you are a Great Pyrenees owner, or any other big breed for that matter, I am sure you get the same thing:

 1.   Where’s the saddle for that thing?
     A:   In the car.
2.       Do they shed?
A:   Do you see my clothes?
3.       What do you spend on dog food?
 A:   About half of my paycheck.
4.       How do you deal with the drool?
A:   I just let it fly.
5.       Do you have to bathe them often to keep them so white?
A:   Yep, pretty much every other day.
6.       Is that a white Newfoundland?
A:  No, this is Falcor, the Luckdragon from The Neverending
7.       How big is their poop?
A:   Not big, kind of like rabbit droppings. (and did you really 
         just ask that question)?
8.       I bet you could ride it that thing couldn’t you?
A:   Hence why the saddle is in the car.

Now these aren’t answers I really give…but sometimes think in my head. I am ALWAYS nice to people and so are the boys. I try to educate everyone about the breed. I always hear “Ooh I want one”..and I make sure I inform them what they are up against if they truly chose to get one..

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking A Trip To China Are We??

You may not know that one not so desirable trait  of the Great Pyrenees breed is that they like to dig.  My boys take digging to a whole new level. Like a “let’s go to China” type level.  Thankfully, they only dig in one place in my backyard which is a 24’ round sandpit.  I am sure they would dig in other areas if they wanted, but digging through sand is pretty easy so this is where they choose to do it.  There is also a sandpit at our local dog park and they dig there too.  It is said that the reason why they instinctively "bury" themselves in huge holes is to keep cool in the summer and to shelter themselves from the wind and cold in the winter. Well, my boys don’t stay outside and they don’t even lay in the holes they dig except for time to time..I honestly think they just LOVE to dig! I will say that if you are thinking about every getting a Great Pyr, do not get one with the idea of "breaking" this habit as digging is a natural, inborn habit.

When my boys dig, they always get sand everywhere..their eyes, nose, head and of course, those big ole’ paws. A lot of times they will stick their heads in the hole as if to see how close (or how far) away from China they are.  Then they go right back to digging. I spend my time filling these holes back up time and time again so I don’t have unsightly holes the size of a T-Rex in my yard! When I ask them if they’ve been digging and the evidence is already there, I normally get a look of guilt that cannot be denied…I got this look just this morning in fact, and I couldn't help but smile.

There was a time though, that their digging skills came in very handy. I had a dump truck come deliver sand to the house to smooth out where a above ground pool had once been.  It wasn’t a full load but once it got dumped I knew I was in over my head..literally.  I couldn’t do it alone…So I enlisted the help of my strong and diligent boys to help momma out…and boy did they ever!  They had the time of their lives playing King Of The Mountain and throwing all the sand back behind them while they looked for some sort of treasure in the big mound of sand that seemed to take over my backyard. It was hard for me to stay out of the path of sand flying my way at speeds faster than I could have ever imagined, but that was just part of the task. I have even offered their services to neighbors that might need a Ditch Witch but didn’t want to rent one. I think my guys would work for treats anyway so it’s a win-win for all involved right?? 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Other Man In My Life...

I know that this blog is about myself and my two crazy Pyr boys..but I want to take a moment to talk about Chance, the other man in my life. No, not human and not a Pyr, but a Flat Coat Retriever

Chance came into my life in March of 1997. I was very young, just out of my mom’s house living on my own. I already had a black lab named Hunny who passed 2.5 years later due to a brain tumor at the young age of 3. He was then my only child. Chance sure was a bad puppy. And I mean BAD…Worst puppy I ever had (up until Hogan) and my mother will even vouch for that…Once he got out of his puppy phase it was almost overnight that he morphed into a whole new dog. All of the sudden he started to listen, quit getting into things, etc. He was always a joy but this was a whole new level. Chance traveled with me and went almost anywhere I did within reason. He was the front porch greeter, and loved everyone and everything (even cats). He rode well in the car and he knew what “bye bye in the car” meant. He loved going to the vet!! He was just a well-rounded, good ole’ boy of a dog.  He loved his “babies” aka stuffed animals, and never tore them up..sure he would shake them vigorously from side to side, throw them up in the air only to catch them in his mouth again, but never destroyed them. He slept with them and carried them around the house. He loved pickles and bananas and his all time favorite was “frenchie fries” from McDonald’s. If there was water around, he was in it.. He lived the good life and that was for sure and he got me through some of the darkest times of my life. If I was sick, that boy would lay in bed with me all day long. He wouldn’t move unless I did. He stuck by me through thick and thin..He was the bread to my butter.

In the last year Chance took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and events. Several trips to the hospital thinking he was dying only to have him playing with his babies the next morning..He was going blind and deaf, slept all the time and suddenly would bark whenever I left the room.  Doggie Dementia had started to set in. His once jet black face was almost all white and mobility was a problem, but he still tried to get his play time in with Hogan and Hurley and he always made sure they knew who was boss..On February 20th, after 16 years of being a loyal, faithful, loving companion, I let Chance go. I woke up to find he couldn’t take three steps without falling down. Getting him outside was a huge task and once outside he just laid down. He gave me a look I will never forget. It said “Momma, it’s ok, it’s time to let me go”. I let my boss know, and took the day off. I made the appointment with the vets office, and spent the day with him. I made his paw print in clay, went and got him a McDonald’s cheeseburger meal and gave him whatever he wanted.  I laid on the floor with him all day. I brushed him and told him I couldn’t send him up to heaven looking like a hot mess. Once it was time to go,  I had to have help getting him in the car. I put all the windows down in the car because even though he couldn’t stand and stick his head out of the window, I wanted him to feel the wind and smell all the smells he could.  The trip to the vet went by far too fast, why was this? Once there, the ladies came out and got him on a stretcher and took him inside. There we were, was this really happening? This couldn’t be..not yet son, not yet..

Dr. Allen and her staff couldn’t have been more caring and kind to the both of us. She explained everything to me (although I had done this before), and told me to take as much time as possible, and I did. I let her know when it was time. She moved quickly and quietly, all with a caring spirit at the same time. She put me at ease by telling me how selfless I was. She also made me feel like a great mom by saying that  she’d never seen a 97 pound dog live to be 16..I knew I’d done something right. He calmly and slowly left this world in my arms. I sat there for a while really not knowing what to do. I knew it was time to leave him, but I just couldn’t.  Again, they told me to take as much time as I needed. When I finally got the courage up to leave him, one of the techs said she would stay with him for a while which meant a lot to me. Going home was hard...I knew the boys would be looking for him. I left his collar and leash in the car. I fell apart when I got home because he was everywhere. His toys, beds, pictures and yes, even his long black hair..I kept waking up all night thinking he was there, and he wasn’t. The next morning was hard…he wasn’t there to wake me up with his heavy Darth Vader breathing and his nails weren’t clicking on the concrete and tile floors. In the end though, I know I did the right thing, and that he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is running, jumping and playing pain free with Hunny, Chelsea, Boots, Missy and all the other pets I have had that are now gone. I miss him every single day and have his pictures plastered everywhere. He was the best dog anyone could ever have..Meet Chance: