Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh No, Ho Ho!

Ugh..well I was a bad Momma and left the trash uncovered again...

I have posted before about how the boys love to get in the trash..Normally this is harmless when it happens..but this time it was more serious because there were cooked rib bones in the garbage left over from Sunday's cookout! I went to work and then came home at lunch to check on the boys..all was well. I then went to my Dad's birthday party last night and got home around 9. As I was changing my clothes Hogan decided to make himself comfy on my bed which is a normal nightly routine..I turned around and looked at him and he had this look about him that just wasn't right..As soon as I said "Are you OK buddy", he vomited all over my comforter and chunks of chewed up ribs were everywhere. This happened three more times and  I immediately started to worry and go into true "Momma" mode..

Pink Gums?  Check
Normal Stool? Check
Acting Normal? Check
Eating and Drinking? Check

If you don't already know, the consumption of cooked rib bones can harm your pet by splintering and causing tears in the digestive system or causing blockages, both which require extensive and expensive surgery, and if not caught and treated properly, can cause death. I didn't want baby boy to have to go through surgery, pain, etc. I was just so concerned. After speaking with two well versed doggie friends late last night they both assured me that it seems he is OK but to just keep a watch out, which I have done. Hogan slept on the bed with me almost all night last night and is not showing any signs of trouble but the next couple of days will really tell.  I am sure my neighbors like the sight of me out in the yard with a stick going through Hogans poop...I am sure they think I am crazy..and I am..crazy about my babies!

Not the best picture..I think he was annoyed I was trying to check his gums every 10 minutes!

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