Friday, May 31, 2013

All Clear!!

After about a day of panicking, it seems that we are in the clear. If you read my post on Wednesday, you know that Hogan had me quite worried…After two days of watching him and digging through his poop with sticks while in a pencil skirt and stilettos or flip flops and a leopard robe to make sure there wasn’t any blood in it, which would indicate something was wrong with his digestive system somewhere.. He sure is lucky he has a Momma willing to do that for him!  I have since made a new rule. NO bones in the trash on the porch, they are to be taken directly outside to the big trash can that the dogs can’t get to. Smart huh? I should have done that all along..

Needless to say I am a happy Momma that he is OK, and that now we can focus on having a fun weekend and some cool upcoming things that I can’t wait to share with you, but of course, you will have to stay tuned!

Here’s my silly boy relaxing last night after digging and digging and obviously he feels fine!!

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