Friday, May 24, 2013

Adoptable Fridays: Dale

Meet good ole' boy Dale..he is a total sweetheart who wandered his way up to a sweet lady's house after he'd been wandering for quite some time.  She did her best to clean him up because he was full of fleas, ticks and matts. She knew she could not care for him and give him the quality of life he deserves, so she contacted  Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta who gladly took him in.  Dale gets along beautifully with humans both tall and small as well as other dogs. He can be a tad bit pushy when it comes to food but he's working on those manners.  Dale really dislikes storms and we can't blame him. I would be scared of them too if I had to sit outside during one, so he must be an inside dog where he can get a ton of love and lots of comfort when storms come.  If you are interested in adopting Dale, please email GPRA at!

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