Monday, May 13, 2013

A Million Little Questions...

It was a busy and bustling weekend for me as usual. I almost always take the boys with me somewhere at some point over the weekend. And in this case, we went several places..we can’t ever go anywhere without it taking longer than expected due to so many people wanting to stop and pet and ask questions.  So this weekend it was gorgeous..couldn’t ask for better weather so out came the boys with Momma for a bit. It’s always funny to see people’s jaws drop, see them point and kids go bananas. The boys love attention, especially from the kids.   One thing never ceases to amaze me though..the amount of questions and comments I get.   I generally get the same ones over and over and over again. I really want to have a T-Shirt made with all the answers to my questions and wear it out when they are with me.  If you are a Great Pyrenees owner, or any other big breed for that matter, I am sure you get the same thing:

 1.   Where’s the saddle for that thing?
     A:   In the car.
2.       Do they shed?
A:   Do you see my clothes?
3.       What do you spend on dog food?
 A:   About half of my paycheck.
4.       How do you deal with the drool?
A:   I just let it fly.
5.       Do you have to bathe them often to keep them so white?
A:   Yep, pretty much every other day.
6.       Is that a white Newfoundland?
A:  No, this is Falcor, the Luckdragon from The Neverending
7.       How big is their poop?
A:   Not big, kind of like rabbit droppings. (and did you really 
         just ask that question)?
8.       I bet you could ride it that thing couldn’t you?
A:   Hence why the saddle is in the car.

Now these aren’t answers I really give…but sometimes think in my head. I am ALWAYS nice to people and so are the boys. I try to educate everyone about the breed. I always hear “Ooh I want one”..and I make sure I inform them what they are up against if they truly chose to get one..

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