Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time To Take Out The Garbage!

I told you in my first post that it’s always an adventure in my house. Well we started off this morning with a small, yet annoying adventure….You see, because my loves can easily reach the tops of any garbage can and partake in a trash eating extravaganza, I keep my trash cans on the back porch.  One for garbage, one for recyclables.  Normally when they are outside, I am out there with them. This morning, I decided to let them out to roam in the yard, chase and bark at the squirrels, etc. while I took a shower.  I knew however, that I would need to cover the trash cans so they couldn't get in..which I did..

After taking my shower, I realized the boys were still outside.  When I walked out into the screened in porch, the trash can “barricade” was on the floor..”This is not good” I thought to myself..There laid a head of lettuce on the porch floor so I dumped that back into the trash can and walked out onto the deck where the boys were..Hogan refused to make eye contact. I could almost hear him saying “Don’t look at Momma, Don’t look at Momma”.  Where clueless Hurley sat proudly next to his mess of a Chinese takeout box torn to shreds as if he were saying “Look Momma, Look at what I did for you”! I now know Hurley likes Egg Fried Rice. Is it ironic that the remnants of the box were so nicely placed bu Hurley to say "Thank You" and "Enjoy"? 

Needless to say, Momma was not amused.  Now I am in the backyard with my hair in a towel and a leopard print robe picking up trash all while telling these boys that they were very naughty. I am sure my neighbors get a real kick out of these sights as they are on a pretty normal basis..So for your amusement, pictures are below..


  1. But it was CHINESE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Dang!!!! Take it OUT to the trash, so I don't have to SMELL IT!!! THat's torture!!!!

  2. I can never be mad at those sweet faces...no matter how bad they are!