Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shoe Done It?

I rarely get mad or upset at the boys..but this one, this one hurt..I am quite disappointed and they know it.  Yesterday, I came home to this:

There it brand new Jessica Simpson Ginny Wedge that I just purchased a couple weeks ago..I have only worn them about 4 times and I loved them. They were comfortable and I could wear them all day. They were perfect with skinny jeans, my wide legged linen pants, dressy shorts or even flared legged jeans. I knew I had closed the bedroom door before I left for I went to check and sure enough it was closed. I opened the door and the partner to the deceased wedge was just sitting there all alone.  This could only mean one thing..SOMEONE had taken the shoe out of Momma's room before she left for work and hid it..

The guilty party?  This boy right here...

Wanna know how I know?  Because when I showed both boys the shoes Hogan looked me in the eye and just sat there..Hurley..well he ran, jumped on the couch and hung his head in shame! WHY Hurley? WHY would you do this to Momma's new shoe?  Was it the soft leather straps that lured you in? Or the cheetah print lining?  It would have been easier for you to take and eat both! Now I have one perfect one just staring at me in all its useless glory..

For those of you who don't know me personally, I take any assault on my shoes hard. I love shoes..and I mean LOVE shoes. I bet I could say I have easily owned well over 1,000 pairs of shoes in my life and I currently have at least 100 at the house now with more in storage...

Hurley pouted for at least an hour..while I am still pouting..RIP Ginny..RIP