Thursday, May 2, 2013

And Then There Were Three!

Alright so I have to be honest and say I kept a little something from you in the last post. While I had Tiny, I was presented with the opportunity to get another Great Pyrenees puppy the same weekend that Tiny was due back in Atlanta, and of course, after some debate (not that it took much), I took it. I guess you could say it was an early Christmas present! After I dropped Tiny off, I headed waaaaaay West of Atlanta to go get my little 8 week old fluffy. Excited doesn't describe what I was. Hogan was in the back and didn't have a clue of what was about to happen. I pulled up to see Marty on the ground with this beautiful, white, roly poly boy. Of course, I was instantly in love. He whined off and on during the 5.5 hour ride home to Columbia, and would occasionally crawl in the back of the Expedition to snuggle up to Hogan which Hogan wasn't too keen on, but he certainly would have to get used to the new guy. The first night was hell as it is with any puppy who was just taken from Momma. I slept on the floor with him all night as the crate clearly wasn't going to cut it, at least not on the first night. Chance gave me the same look I got from him when I got Hogan..his face said "REALLY Mom, I mean REALLY"..Yes son, REALLY.  And his name?  Well this little guy is Hurley..And here he is..

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