Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Don't Go Momma..

There are some mornings that the boys alone make it hard to get up and get out of bed..Everything is all cozy..soft sheets, goose down pillows and comforter...and most importantly the warmth of two Great Pyrenees sharing the bed with you...I cherish that moment every morning. It's still and TV or radio, no humming of the washer and dryer and most importantly, the phone is not buzzing left and least not yet.

This morning when I told the boys it was time to get up, I got the sweetest, most precious face from Hurley. It simply said "Don't go to work today Momma, stay home with me".

Lord how I wish I could. As my boss Sandra says "Sometimes you have to just call in scared"...Well today I would have loved to have called in scared.."Sandra, I'm afraid that today is just too pretty of a day to come in, see you tomorrow"..Afraid and scared are the same thing right??

No I didn't cave to my little man, but Oh how I wish I had...maybe next time son...

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