Friday, May 31, 2013

Adoptable Fridays: Django

Y'all...this guy was just a heartbreaking case, but the light is finally starting to show. Meet Django (pronounced  Jango), and he is now unchained and FREE thanks to Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta. Despite living in deplorable conditions his whole life all while being on a chain, this boy couldn't be more of a lovebug and has an infectious smile to boot. All he wants is love, affection and attention. He is two years old and only weighing in at 86 pounds when he should be well over 100 pounds.

When we first got him, he had maggots under his collar where raw and infected skin was. He was matted, dirty and had open sores all over from all the itching and scratching he had to do to try to get relief from the fleas and insects that were irritating his skin. Although he looks a little silly now, he will be a very stunning handsome Southern Gent once his hair comes back in. He of course is heartworm positive which GPRA is taking care of, and thanks to some pawsomely gracious donors, his heartworm treatment is already paid for! He has since been shaved and bathed and will continue to get medicated baths to treat the sores he has.

Django is very intelligent as he has already learned how to use a doggy door and knows that outside is where he needs to do his business! He gets along with other dogs very well and just wants to play now that he is free to do so! Django needs someone who has the patience to teach him that not all food is for him. Since he was never given a lot of food he thinks its all for him, and that includes people food! He's not aggressive about it, he just loves it when he is able to get it! He is however, very excited he will never go hungry again!

Below are some before and after pictures and if you are interested in adopting or fostering Django, please email GPRA at!

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