Monday, June 3, 2013

Where Art Thou Hurley?

Poor Hurley, he just can't stand loud noises and storms especially just upset him terribly...he tries to run and hide from the noise but unfortunately, there's really no where for him to go! He does sometimes find peace and comfort in my walk in shower or my when he goes missing, I know where to look.

Last night around 7, I was out on the deck just watching the boys play in the backyard. They were bouncing, running and wrestling.  That all stopped suddenly when a low grumble of thunder in the distance came about.  Immediately Hurley came and sat at my side, all while looking up at the sky with the most worrisome look on his face.  I knew it was time to go in and so we did.  Thirty minutes later there was a torrential downpour with thunder and lighting crashing down every few minutes. Hurley boy was not happy, not happy at all. He refused to even eat dinner which if you know my boy, you know he LOVES to eat..He paced and paced and finally went missing..

There he was, in the shower, laying down and looking at me like "Momma, make it stop"..I went to get my phone to snap a picture but he got up and onto the bed before I could get back. He would  repeatedly come out into the main part of the house for five minutes, only to race back onto the bed for about three hours before the storms subsided.  I am thinking about getting a Thundershirt to try to calm him during storms and fireworks. I have tried the medications to help and those don't seem to work so this may be the solution. It does have a money back guarantee so I really have nothing to lose!

Here's Hurley and his worrisome ways:

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