Monday, June 10, 2013

What A Monday...

So this post may be a little gross, but if you are a dog owner, you should completely understand.  This was a Monday of all Mondays..

I will start off by saying I have a little surprise for all my dear readers tomorrow, so please stay tuned…

This morning at 5:30AM I woke to a screaming alarm and a horrific smell..It was as if the two boys had eaten and entire pot of chili tainted with Habaneros.. Yes, it was THAT bad. Of course it was pouring down rain so no one wanted to go potty outside because God forbid the paws get wet…but me being the mean Momma I am, I forced them outside and they couldn’t come back in until business was done.  Now, onto that smell...For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. Once the AC kicked on, the smell left so I just chalked it up to being gas..Until Hurley came back in from outside..

While Hurley was laying down on the floor after his wet romp outside, he wouldn’t stop licking his hind end. So of course being the good Momma I am, I needed to investigate…Upon closer inspection, I found his entire hind end was covered in a yellow, oily liquid that could only mean one thing...his anal glands had been expressed.  This….this was a problem. He needed a bath STAT because the smell was so overwhelmingly bad, but I didn’t have time..I knew my awesome vet (Midlands Veterinary Practice) opened at 7:30AM so I had to wait until then to see if they had any bathing appointments available. I called right at 7:30 and they were able to fit me in..there is a reason I love these guys!!  Poor Hurley knew something wasn't right..he was walking bow-legged and was hanging his head in shame. 

The whole car ride over he didn't even stick his head out of the car windows and even when I got him a hashbrown from McDonald's he wouldn't eat it which meant he was feeling really down..He also has never been to the vet without his brother so I think he was kind of unsure of what was going on..On the car ride there, I noticed I had peanut butter on my dress pants and caked in my ring! I guess when I was making Hogan's Kong I somehow got peanut butter on me and didn't notice it..Oh well, that would have to wait..

Once we got to the vet's office, I walked with him to the back and he went peacefully but wasn't happy about it. We put him in a large run where he had room to move about until bath time...We have determined that the glands were expressed due to Hurley's stress over the sever thunderstorms we had yesterday which I have posted about before. I felt so awful for him and ordered his Thundershirt via Amazon today. Results will be posted after the next well as pictures of Mr. Hoo post-bath...


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