Thursday, June 13, 2013

No! Not There!

Hectic..that pretty much describes life right now. But that's OK..

Since Hallie's arrival, the schedule is a little out of whack, but that is to be expected with a new puppy. Hallie is sweet, sassy, brave, cuddly, loving and playful.  One thing she is not, is housetrained. This is not her fault as I described in my most recent post, because her previous owners pretty much sucked. 

Hallie loves to go outside and play, dig and use her cute little raspy voice..but one thing she doesn't like to do is potty outside. Sometimes she will be outside for 30 minutes just playing and having a ball..then she comes inside and what happens? You guessed it..she potties on the floor..and then I yell "No! Not there! Then I get a look from the boys like "uhhhh Momma, she's not supposed to do that there, hope she's in trouble"!  It's maddening..but again, it's all she knows. She won't potty in her crate so that's good, now I just need her to learn outside is where it's at! After all, the boys do it out there!  I am giving her constant praise and treats when she does go outside so I am hoping she starts to learns soon..

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