Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh Hallie...

I first need to apologize for being MIA since Friday! I generally don’t post on the weekends because I am too buys having fun with my babies!  I have been overwhelmed with a lot of different things going on so please forgive me! 

Hallie seems to be settling in quite nicely, but boy is she sassy! She doesn’t like it when the boys have something she wants. She will sit there and bark and bark and bark until they give it up. She hasn’t learned what personal space is, and she may never just as Hurley never did. Hurley doesn’t seem amused with her inside at the moment. Outside he loves to play, chase and dig with her but inside, he wants nothing to do with her. Housetraining has been tough but she is finally going outside more and more. She knows how to sit but loves to jump up so we are working on that as well. Once Hogan goes through Advanced Obedience with Woof University, LLC, Miss Hallie will need to go as well. She’s all legs right now and I think she will be a shorter coat Pyr as not all Great Pyrenees get that big fluffy coat like Hogan and Hurley have. So all in all, we are doing quite well and I promise not to leave you guys hanging this long again!


  1. Glad to hear that house training is going the right way!

  2. LOL. Glad she is doing better.