Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I don’t know if my boys would appreciate being compared to a food item, but I have said it before, and I will say it again…Great Pyrs are like potato chips..you can’t have just one..and in my case, two..because now I have a third.  I know, I know..you are wondering “What is this chick thinking”..Well clearly, I’m not, but that’s ok!

In a recent  post, I was going to get a 10 week old girl from Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta, but she sadly had to be put to sleep.   I thought it would be a while before another young girl came along but I was wrong..This sweet thing is 4 months and basically spent the beginning of her life in a screened in porch.  The people who bought her didn’t have a fenced in yard so there she sat on the porch to eat, sleep, play and do her business. Then the owners said that a 40 pound dog was too big for their seven year old daughter to walk…Gee, you think??  Sometimes I wonder what people are truly thinking when they get dogs…So anyway, before I go on a tyrant about that, let me get back on tract. GPRA was contacted about her and of course, took her in. She was vetted and then stayed at a wonderful volunteers house for a couple of days who began working on housetraining her and giving her lots of love before coming to me.

Saturday rolled around and I was so excited to go get her…it was an hour and a half there and it seemed like it took forever to get there! Once I saw her sweet little face, my heart just melted.  She slept almost the whole way home and was very well behaved. Once home and confronted by two big boys, she really didn’t know what to think, and neither did they.  She pranced around the yard and then when she was comfortable enough, she started playing with the boys. She’s a fast little mover and they love to chase!  It’s funny watching her try to play with them and boss them around..they just stand there and put up with it.  They are both so gentle with her as if they know they’re big and she’s little (this is a first for them). She got her first digging lesson from Hurley on Sunday and she has quite the voice which I was shocked to hear. She's truly an adorable little lovebug and we are so happy to have her! 

So without further ado..Meet Hallie…like Ally with an H…


  1. So glad she's settling in! Good luck on the house training!