Friday, June 21, 2013

Adoptable Fridays: Bonnie Jean

Meet Bonnie Jean!! She was found roaming around a beautiful resort in Georgia. A nice lady saw that she needed help and contacted GPRA who of course took her in. She is heartworm positive and has some skin issues that are being addressed. Poor thing..her dewclaws were so ingrown they had to sedate her to trim them so it's obvious she had been neglected for a very long time. Bonnie Jean gets along with other dogs and is very sweet and affectionate. Her medical bills have mounted up so if you can help donate to my care, you can click here. Her ideal furever home would give her love, hugs, kisses and treats. She would also like regular pawdicures so her nails never get ingrown again! Bonnie Jean cannot wait to meet her new furever family so she can be the great girl  that she was always meant to be.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh Hallie...

I first need to apologize for being MIA since Friday! I generally don’t post on the weekends because I am too buys having fun with my babies!  I have been overwhelmed with a lot of different things going on so please forgive me! 

Hallie seems to be settling in quite nicely, but boy is she sassy! She doesn’t like it when the boys have something she wants. She will sit there and bark and bark and bark until they give it up. She hasn’t learned what personal space is, and she may never just as Hurley never did. Hurley doesn’t seem amused with her inside at the moment. Outside he loves to play, chase and dig with her but inside, he wants nothing to do with her. Housetraining has been tough but she is finally going outside more and more. She knows how to sit but loves to jump up so we are working on that as well. Once Hogan goes through Advanced Obedience with Woof University, LLC, Miss Hallie will need to go as well. She’s all legs right now and I think she will be a shorter coat Pyr as not all Great Pyrenees get that big fluffy coat like Hogan and Hurley have. So all in all, we are doing quite well and I promise not to leave you guys hanging this long again!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Adoptable Fridays: Flora

Meet Flora..she is as pretty as a flower on a bright sunny day! GPRA just rescued her from a high kill shelter in Alabama and she's very happy that she has a new lease on life because of them! Unfortunately, Flora is heartworm positive and has some other medical issues that need to be addressed, but GPRA says they are going to get her in tip top shape! It's very expensive do to that, so if you would like to donate to her care, please click here

Flora is very well behaved and walks nicely on a leash.  She is also calm and gentle and  gets along with other dogs and humans along with being housebroken.. Flora is extremely friendly and just wants someone to give her a  home with a loving hand..and food, food would be good. In return she will be your PYRfect companion who will love you unconditionally.

If you are interested in adopting Flora, please contact Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta at

Thursday, June 13, 2013

No! Not There!

Hectic..that pretty much describes life right now. But that's OK..

Since Hallie's arrival, the schedule is a little out of whack, but that is to be expected with a new puppy. Hallie is sweet, sassy, brave, cuddly, loving and playful.  One thing she is not, is housetrained. This is not her fault as I described in my most recent post, because her previous owners pretty much sucked. 

Hallie loves to go outside and play, dig and use her cute little raspy voice..but one thing she doesn't like to do is potty outside. Sometimes she will be outside for 30 minutes just playing and having a ball..then she comes inside and what happens? You guessed it..she potties on the floor..and then I yell "No! Not there! Then I get a look from the boys like "uhhhh Momma, she's not supposed to do that there, hope she's in trouble"!  It's maddening..but again, it's all she knows. She won't potty in her crate so that's good, now I just need her to learn outside is where it's at! After all, the boys do it out there!  I am giving her constant praise and treats when she does go outside so I am hoping she starts to learns soon..

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I don’t know if my boys would appreciate being compared to a food item, but I have said it before, and I will say it again…Great Pyrs are like potato can’t have just one..and in my case, two..because now I have a third.  I know, I are wondering “What is this chick thinking”..Well clearly, I’m not, but that’s ok!

In a recent  post, I was going to get a 10 week old girl from Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta, but she sadly had to be put to sleep.   I thought it would be a while before another young girl came along but I was wrong..This sweet thing is 4 months and basically spent the beginning of her life in a screened in porch.  The people who bought her didn’t have a fenced in yard so there she sat on the porch to eat, sleep, play and do her business. Then the owners said that a 40 pound dog was too big for their seven year old daughter to walk…Gee, you think??  Sometimes I wonder what people are truly thinking when they get dogs…So anyway, before I go on a tyrant about that, let me get back on tract. GPRA was contacted about her and of course, took her in. She was vetted and then stayed at a wonderful volunteers house for a couple of days who began working on housetraining her and giving her lots of love before coming to me.

Saturday rolled around and I was so excited to go get her…it was an hour and a half there and it seemed like it took forever to get there! Once I saw her sweet little face, my heart just melted.  She slept almost the whole way home and was very well behaved. Once home and confronted by two big boys, she really didn’t know what to think, and neither did they.  She pranced around the yard and then when she was comfortable enough, she started playing with the boys. She’s a fast little mover and they love to chase!  It’s funny watching her try to play with them and boss them around..they just stand there and put up with it.  They are both so gentle with her as if they know they’re big and she’s little (this is a first for them). She got her first digging lesson from Hurley on Sunday and she has quite the voice which I was shocked to hear. She's truly an adorable little lovebug and we are so happy to have her! 

So without further ado..Meet Hallie…like Ally with an H…

Monday, June 10, 2013

What A Monday...

So this post may be a little gross, but if you are a dog owner, you should completely understand.  This was a Monday of all Mondays..

I will start off by saying I have a little surprise for all my dear readers tomorrow, so please stay tuned…

This morning at 5:30AM I woke to a screaming alarm and a horrific smell..It was as if the two boys had eaten and entire pot of chili tainted with Habaneros.. Yes, it was THAT bad. Of course it was pouring down rain so no one wanted to go potty outside because God forbid the paws get wet…but me being the mean Momma I am, I forced them outside and they couldn’t come back in until business was done.  Now, onto that smell...For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. Once the AC kicked on, the smell left so I just chalked it up to being gas..Until Hurley came back in from outside..

While Hurley was laying down on the floor after his wet romp outside, he wouldn’t stop licking his hind end. So of course being the good Momma I am, I needed to investigate…Upon closer inspection, I found his entire hind end was covered in a yellow, oily liquid that could only mean one thing...his anal glands had been expressed.  This….this was a problem. He needed a bath STAT because the smell was so overwhelmingly bad, but I didn’t have time..I knew my awesome vet (Midlands Veterinary Practice) opened at 7:30AM so I had to wait until then to see if they had any bathing appointments available. I called right at 7:30 and they were able to fit me in..there is a reason I love these guys!!  Poor Hurley knew something wasn't right..he was walking bow-legged and was hanging his head in shame. 

The whole car ride over he didn't even stick his head out of the car windows and even when I got him a hashbrown from McDonald's he wouldn't eat it which meant he was feeling really down..He also has never been to the vet without his brother so I think he was kind of unsure of what was going on..On the car ride there, I noticed I had peanut butter on my dress pants and caked in my ring! I guess when I was making Hogan's Kong I somehow got peanut butter on me and didn't notice it..Oh well, that would have to wait..

Once we got to the vet's office, I walked with him to the back and he went peacefully but wasn't happy about it. We put him in a large run where he had room to move about until bath time...We have determined that the glands were expressed due to Hurley's stress over the sever thunderstorms we had yesterday which I have posted about before. I felt so awful for him and ordered his Thundershirt via Amazon today. Results will be posted after the next well as pictures of Mr. Hoo post-bath...


Friday, June 7, 2013

Adoptable Fridays: Kelly

Meet Sweet Miss Kelly...She is a loving lady who is in search for her forever home! She's approximately five years old and has an incredibly sweet disposition and personality. She has plate in one of her back legs so sadly, she cannot be your running partner, but she can be your snuggle partner instead! It would be best if she didn't have a lot of stairs to climb up and down either, just as a side note. She has beautiful, soulful eyes that will just melt your heart!  Kelly gets along with other dogs and humans very well and considers herself to be quite the social butterfly. Kelly knows how to mind her manners when left alone in the house and walks just beautifully on a leash without any pulling. She is not big into barking and is  extremely laid back. Kelly would love to find a forever home that likes giving her head rubs, a soft bed and lovely treats! If you are interested in adopting Kelly from Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta, please send an email to GPRA at!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quiet Time...

I am sure from my posts you probably think that my house is crazy all the time with dogs running around and slamming each other into walls and furniture all while drool flies through the air and lands on the wall...and for the most part, you are right..From the time the boys get up in the morning until I leave for work, they are wrestling, playing and chasing one another.  I assume they sleep the rest of the day while I am gone because as soon as I get home, it starts all over again until about 8:30-9:00ish.  The house suddenly goes quiet and all is calm.  One of the two boys is generally sleeping on the floor while the other is on the couch begging for attention and love (normally Hurley).  Last night Hogan crept up on the couch while I was on the loveseat watching trash TV (yes I watch it and no, I am not ashamed), and he rested his head and paw so sweetly on the arm of the loveseat and let out a huge sigh.  I heard him, and I knew what it meant..It meant "Momma please come love on me"...and so I did. He sat there with his head held up so I could scratch his big lion-like neck with his paw sitting on my arm. Every time I stopped I got a paw for I obliged. As this continued his eyes got sleepier and sleepier until my big boy fell asleep and all was well with the world again. I cherish these soft, quiet times with them so much..

Monday, June 3, 2013

Where Art Thou Hurley?

Poor Hurley, he just can't stand loud noises and storms especially just upset him terribly...he tries to run and hide from the noise but unfortunately, there's really no where for him to go! He does sometimes find peace and comfort in my walk in shower or my when he goes missing, I know where to look.

Last night around 7, I was out on the deck just watching the boys play in the backyard. They were bouncing, running and wrestling.  That all stopped suddenly when a low grumble of thunder in the distance came about.  Immediately Hurley came and sat at my side, all while looking up at the sky with the most worrisome look on his face.  I knew it was time to go in and so we did.  Thirty minutes later there was a torrential downpour with thunder and lighting crashing down every few minutes. Hurley boy was not happy, not happy at all. He refused to even eat dinner which if you know my boy, you know he LOVES to eat..He paced and paced and finally went missing..

There he was, in the shower, laying down and looking at me like "Momma, make it stop"..I went to get my phone to snap a picture but he got up and onto the bed before I could get back. He would  repeatedly come out into the main part of the house for five minutes, only to race back onto the bed for about three hours before the storms subsided.  I am thinking about getting a Thundershirt to try to calm him during storms and fireworks. I have tried the medications to help and those don't seem to work so this may be the solution. It does have a money back guarantee so I really have nothing to lose!

Here's Hurley and his worrisome ways: