Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh They Know...

Some people say dogs don’t have emotions…Oh they do..

Some people say dogs don’t know when something is wrong with you…Oh they know..

Yesterday was a heartbreaking day for me…and I am glad I did not share about this earlier because of what happened…As you all know, I work for a WONDERFUL Great Pyrenees Rescue called Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta.  Last Tuesday an email went out from the President about a 10 week old puppy in Alabama named Angelica that needed a foster mom. As soon as I saw her picture not only did I know I wanted her, but not just as a foster..I wanted her to become part of my family. Her eyes so full of joy and a face more precious than anyone could imagine. She belonged with us. She would be one spoiled “little” princess. I even named her almost immediately..her name, after my grandmother’s middle name…Hillie..I thought about her every day and checked on her repeatedly as I awaited her arrival.  The boys looked at me funny when I said “Are you ready for a sister”..Like I was crazy or something…Well, I am, but a good crazy at least…I picked out a collar and a bed and some cute new pink toys..just for her.

The beginning of her life didn’t start out so well as she had an injury to her jaw and her jaw was broken. It was so bad, she couldn’t open her jaw more than 1.5 inches wide.  That didn’t stop her from loving life and being an absolute sweetheart. Once GPRA  got her, she was taken to our regular vet and then a consult was scheduled with Georgia Veterinary Specialists this past Monday where I waited for the results..There were a few updates throughout the day and at 5:30 I spoke to John and the news was not good. 3 surgeons looked at her CT scans and all three concurred that the two options available had a very slim chance of working on top of being extremely painful and would leave her with a lack of quality of life.  The best thing to do for this 10 week old bundle of pure, sweet joy…was to put her to sleep. 

I tried to be strong and not cry while I was on the phone with John but I just couldn’t help it. That was my little girl..I was already 100% invested in her. I cried off and on all night and each time Hogan would come up to me from whatever he was doing or wherever he was and he would just lean into me..all his body weight, and would just sit there until I was ok.  He had the sweetest, yet saddest look on his face..it said “I know Momma, I know…it wil be ok”..

She was special and she was ours…and now, she is God’s little angel in Heaven at the rainbow bridge with Chance and looking down on us.  

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