Friday, May 3, 2013

One Worried Momma...

Just so you guys know, I never board my babies. I really have never had to because they pretty much go everywhere with me. The times that they haven't been able to come with, someone has always been able to watch them, until now.....I am headed to Garden City this weekend and unfortunately, they cannot come with. It's a wedding weekend and since I am coordinating all of it, I will barely be around, therefore the dogs have to stay behind.  This does not sit well with me, but I have to board them. Now, I have THE BEST place in all of Columbia for them to go to which is Irmo Pet Retreat. Kaye is the owner and she is nothing short of amazing.  The staff is incredible, friendly and everything is clean.  Hogan used to go there for daycare and always came back exhausted but happy. Kaye makes sure she pairs up the right kinds of dogs for play time and gives each one of them attention and love. The ones that need special attention are given just that and then some...This place is not your run of the mill boarding place either..just look at some of the things that are standard there!

  • State of the art, laminate walls in tasteful decorator colors
  • No cages
  • Rubber floors
  • Safety glass doors
  • Beds and toys available for all suites
  • 24 hour music
  • Ceiling Fans
  • 4 or more daily trips to the private fenced back yard
  • 2 daily feedings
  • Healthy treats daily

You might wonder that if this place is so awesome then why on earth am I worried? It's not them, it's me..

Hogan I think might be a little sad and wonder why I just dumped him off for a few days. And yes, when I get home Sunday he will let me know he is unhappy with me.  Hurley is the one I am worried about. EVERYTHING scares this boy...loud noises, other dogs barking, slamming doors, people standing over name it. Now, my awesome vet, Dr. Cabe at Midlands Veterinary Practice gave me some sedatives for Hurley to help take the edge off, but I cannot help but worry about my little monkey.  Knowing Hogan will be there does make me feel a little better but still...

I booked a King Suite for them and that's where they will stay at night.  During the day they will do daycare up front so they can have constant human and furbaby interaction. Of course being the worried Momma I am, I will more than likely call every day to check on them until I pick them up Sunday night.  I can't help but worry but at the same time I know they will be just fine!

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