Thursday, May 23, 2013

Neighborhood Watch

Great Pyrenees are known for their wonderful protective instincts, and boy do my boys have that instinct down pat.  I pity the fool that ever even thinks about breaking into my house! And while you know I LOVE my boys, the barking sure does get annoying from time to time. They have this wonderfully deep "don't mess with us" kind of bark which should/could scare the meanest of mean away..but still, they bark when an acorn falls! And God forbid if a cat comes on premises..hold on to your hats! But I know if I ever needed them to protect me, they would.  One thing I just love is pulling up to the house and seeing them “on the lookout”..

They also love to watch the neighborhood kids outside playing, which I think is beyond sweet and adorable. They will watch for hours if the kids are out there. Below are some of my favorite "Neighborhood Watch" photos..

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